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Monday Matters - October 1, 2012

After months of seemingly endless waiting and slow progress towards publication, things are beginning to speed up now that The Anatomist's Wife's release date is only a little over a month away.  Reviews have started to come in, including this 4 Star Review I was thrilled to receive from RT Book Reviews. "Huber's protagonist is complex and likeable and the well-plotted mystery is filled with fascinating secondary characters. The setting is lavishly portrayed, yet the story's... Click Here To Read More >>

Refocus - September 28, 2012

As many of you know, my husband and I follow the "Ask, Believe, Receive" principle.  We learned it from the book The Secret, but have tweaked it to work best for us and our beliefs.  I truly believe it works, but whether or not it actually does is not the point..  The important thing is that I believe it does, and because of this I'm happier.  I choose to be happy and believe good things are happening to me.  You can be cynical and say this is na... Click Here To Read More >>

Guest Blogging at The Thrill Begins - September 27, 2012

I'm Guest Blogging today over at The Thrill Begins - a blog that supports the International Thriller Writers' Debut Authors.  Come on over and join us, and read my post about "You and Your Editor - Partners in Crime".... Click Here To Read More >>

TAW Updates - September 24, 2012

It's been a while since I updated you on the status of things, and I have a lot of exciting news to share. First of all, thank you to all of you who entered in The Anatomist's Wife Contest!  I was pleased to announce the four winners on Friday - Jennifer R, Tara C, Kelly E, and Crystal J.  For those of you who didn't win - stay tuned!  I'll be announcing another chance to snag an Advanced Reading Copy of The Anatomist's Wife, as well as some other goodies, soon.  You wo... Click Here To Read More >>

Before THE END - September 21, 2012

Writing the end of a novel is always tricky.  There are all types of loose ends that need tied up, plot lines that need to intersect, character arcs that need to reach some kind of conclusion.  It's far too easy to feel overwhelmed as you near the last page.  What if you drop one of those plot threads completely?  What if they're too twisted up to unravel?  What if your finale is clunky? In the middle, when I sit down to do my plotting, I make sure to write ou... Click Here To Read More >>

Stuck In the Middle With You - September 19, 2012

In Monday’s blog I talked about Inspiration—where my ideas come from and how I begin a story. More specifically, how I began The Anatomist’s Wife, my publishing debut. With TAW, once I had my story scenario and some of my protagonist’s back story, my writing was fairly smooth sailing until I hit the middle.  You see, I’m a bit of a mix between a plotter (someone who plans and outlines her story before she writes) and a pantser (someone who has no pla... Click Here To Read More >>

Inspiration - The Germ of an Idea - September 17, 2012

The Debs over at The Debutante Ball  are discussing Inspiration this week, so I decided to get in on the fun.  Readers often like to ask where an author’s inspiration for a story came from, and the answers vary widely from author to author, and even story to story. Sometimes it’s a place that inspires, or a scene in a play or movie. Sometimes it’s a song, or a dream, or a conversation with a friend or colleague. Writers are always searching for inspira... Click Here To Read More >>

A Wedding Gift - September 14, 2012

My cousin is getting married on Saturday, and a good friend of mine from college is getting married in October, while yet another cousin and another college friend both just got engaged. I tell you all of this to explain why I’ve had the subject of Weddings on my mind lately. Not to say that there haven’t been enough portrayals of it in the movies and on TV lately, most often showcasing atrociously bad behavior or hilariously outrageous circumstances. It’s clearl... Click Here To Read More >>

Castle-Manor House of the Week - Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland - September 12, 2012

Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh, Northumberland, England, UK OS Grid Reference: NU 183351 Maintained by the Armstrong family Website(s): (This castle was also featured on this blog on December 13, 2010 after my trip to the UK.) Bamburgh Castle, located on the coast of Northumberland, has a rich and varied history. The first established settlement on the basalt outcrop where the castle stands today belonged to the Votadini tribe around 800 BC. The sight was a natur... Click Here To Read More >>

California Dreamin' - Part 3 - September 10, 2012

On our seventh and final day on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, we woke early in Santa Cruz, and after a delicious breakfast at our B&B set off on an inland detour.  A short drive up into the mountains about twenty miles from the coast took us to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.  We hiked the loop of the Redwood Grove Trail, and marveled at the size of the Redwood trees.  Though not comparable in size to the Redwoods in northern California, s... Click Here To Read More >>

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