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The Lonely Road - April 15, 2011

Several years ago when I was talking to my mother about my childhood, I was shocked to learn I had developed a very independent streak at an early age. By the time I turned one, she said, I had begun to insist on doing things myself and no longer wanted to be cuddled. This naturally upset her, as I think it would any mother who wants to hug and squeeze their children.  I knew that I had always had a stubborn-streak, often wanting to teach myself things rather than learn the old-f... Click Here To Read More >>

Pushing My Hot Buttons - March 29, 2011

We all have them. Hot buttons. Subjects we don’t like to discuss, or watch, or read about because they either annoy us, anger us, or disturb us. They are perhaps an author’s worst enemy, because everyone’s hot buttons are different, and try as you might to avoid them, chances are you won’t manage it. And if you do manage to steer clear of them, you may have a novel weak as milksop and just as uninteresting. So, it’s best to simply accept the... Click Here To Read More >>

The Roaming Writer - March 24, 2011

There’s nothing so sacred to a writer as a good writing space. Once we find one—be it at home, a coffee shop, a library, wherever—we tend to return to it over and over again until productivity in that space falls off. In other words, until the mojo wears off. It may seem superstitious, like carrying a lucky penny or refusing to wash your socks during your team’s tournament run, but, in my mind, it’s nothing but practical.  It can be difficult to bloc... Click Here To Read More >>

Patience - the Non-Virtue - March 21, 2011

I’ve recently discovered that patience is not a virtue I possess. Though, who decided it was ever a quality to be admired, I’m not certain. And it seems neither is anyone else. Most popularly the saying is attributed to a Chinese proverb, the full quote being: Patience is a virtue Possess it if you can Seldom found in woman Never found in man So, it seems that this higher ability we are all aspiring to is admittedly all but impossible, and the joke is on the rest ... Click Here To Read More >>

In which I do a little rambling and praise women... - February 7, 2011

So, most of you know about the recent bout of excitement in my life, as I received three offers of representation from literary agents in one week. For an author who had gotten rejection after rejection on her previous four complete manuscripts, I was blown over by the response to my most recent novel Half Sick of Shadows. I felt confident that it was good enough to be published and was willing to fight for it as such, but believing in something and finally seeing the results of that b... Click Here To Read More >>

The most annoying sounds in the world... - January 19, 2011

Although, I have to agree that the usual suspects do indeed fit the bill when it comes to annoying noises—things such as nails on a chalkboard, dripping water, woodpeckers—I would like to put forth a few less commonly touted audial disturbances. For instance, irritating cell phone rings and text message alerts, especially in the hands of a teenager who receives the posts at a rate of once every 60 seconds while at the dinner table. Or the din of the fan on a desktop hard dr... Click Here To Read More >>

Historical Wife Swap - January 17, 2011

Growing up, I attended a Lutheran Church, and as a child, for the longest time I thought the father of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, was also the father of Martin Luther King, Jr.  This made for some very confusing Sunday School lessons and a curiousity as to how Martin Luther's son someone also became a king.  And in my typical stubborn, independent way, I refused to ask the necessary questions to straighten out this conundrum, lest I look stupid or ignorant.&nb... Click Here To Read More >>

It's all Greek to me... - January 14, 2011

You asked: Which UK location had the funniest accent? I have a particular affinity for the UK and their accents, so I don’t know that any of them struck me as particularly funny, but there were a few that stuck out significantly in one way or another.  The employees at our hotel and the restaurant we ate at in Glasgow win the prize for the most difficult to understand. I pride myself on my ability to comprehend most UK accents, courtesy of numerous viewings of British films and... Click Here To Read More >>

The path less traveled... - January 12, 2011

You asked: I know you went to some really famous landmarks and other "not so touristy" places. Were the tourist locales simply one-in-a-million or do you think more travelers should check out the places less-traveled? First off, I should say that many of the touristy places are so well visited for a reason. Many of these hot spots are interesting landmarks that every traveler to the UK should check out, either for their beauty, their cultural or historical significance, or simply... Click Here To Read More >>

A Good, Driving Beat... - January 8, 2011

Maybe it’s my effervescent soul bubbling over, my overactive auditory nerves, or my cheerleading roots showing themselves. Maybe it’s all of those things combined, or none of them at all. The only thing I know is that I have a love obsession with dance and techno music, anything with a beat fast enough, bouncy enough, driving enough to get my heart racing and my feet jumping. It makes me smile. It makes me motivated. And, oh so obviously, it makes me want to ... Click Here To Read More >>

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