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Updates - Sep 2011
September 19, 2011

So happy autumn is almost officially here. It’s my favorite season, and I’ve already been enjoying the cooler temperatures and the lovely scents that seem to carry on the breeze. I’ve broken out the jeans, jackets, and boots, and scrounged through the closets for my fall-themed decor. Now I’m looking forward to the leaves changing and the autumn fare—like pumpkin bread and apple crisp. 

On to the updates: I’ve made some changes to the temporary website. It’s a bit more streamlined. Hopefully the full-blown version will be ready to share with you soon.  I'm still working feverishly at Lady Darby Book 2, hoping to meet my self-imposed, swiftly approaching deadline.
I also have a few websites I’d like to share with you. The first is a blog, Jane Lane and the Royal Miracle, maintained by author Gillian Bagwell in anticipation of her November release, The September Queen. Her posts tell the story of King Charles II escape from England after the 1651 Battle of Worcester, and the manner in which a little known woman in history, Jane Lane, helped to save his life. It’s absolutely fascinating, and I am looking forward to reading the book.
The second is also a blog, one penned by my dear friend Stacie. I’ve recommended it before, but it’s worth a more serious plug. In Beautiful Things, Stacie shares with us the struggles and triumphs of motherhood, marriage, aspiring to be a writer, and being the spouse of a husband suffering from chronic pain. Her posts are profound, often humorous, and sometimes painful, but always filled with wisdom and the joy of living. She speaks the truth when most are afraid to do so. She is a blessing.
And the third link I’d like to share with you is for 100% of the net proceeds from the sales on this site go back to their charities, be it to women who have recently escaped from sex trafficking or mothers in Kenya trying to send their children to school. The site was only recently launched, and they are still making changes to the content, so you will have to patient, but please check them out.  They offer beautiful jewelry, handmade journals and other products for sale.  
Happy Autumn!

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