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WIP Wednesday - A Playlist for Kiera and Gage
April 24, 2013

As a writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about my fictional characters and trying to get into their heads. So it's only natural that when I listen to music, sometimes it's with their ears. And as such, there are some songs that would have more meaning to those characters than others. In this spirit, I've begun compiling a playlist for Kiera and Gage. It's kindof a fun idea, and I intend to continue to add to it from time to time. But for now, these are the first four songs:

1) Feel Again - One Republic

2) Begin Again - Taylor Swift

3) Anchor - Mindy Gledhill

4) Not Alone - Patty Griffin

Do you have any songs that you think I should add to this list?

I'd like to leave you with a photo still from the Masterpiece Theatre production of Jane Austen's Persuasion. I love this version of the classic, and this picture makes my heart melt. Especially as it's very similar to how I picture Kiera and Gage. Once they've worked through all of the issues that separate them, of course.


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